Burgerkill is an Indonesian heavy metal band, originally from Bandung, capital city of West Java. The band is named after the American fast food restaurant Burger King as a prank. The band was founded in May 1995 by Eben, sometimes called 'Ebenz', a young man from Jakarta, who came to Bandung to continue his study. In Bandung, Eben met Ivan Scumbag, Kimung, and Dadan. This four personnel became the first line-up of Burgerkill. History 1995–2000 : Early years and debut album Burgerkill was formed in a region called "Ujungberung", located in the east side of Bandung city. Ujungberung is not only known as Metal Village but also known as center of Sundanese traditional art and culture such as bela diri benjang, angklung, and kecapi suling. In early 1997, Burgerkill released their first single, "Revolt!", which became the opening track of Masaindahbangetsekalipisan various artist compilation album. In late 1997, single... Read more