Carcass may refer to: Non-scientific term for the body of a dead human or animal. See also carrion (flesh). Carcass (band), a death metal/grindcore band Carcass (projectile), a type of incendiary ammunition designed to be fired from a cannon HMS Carcass, three ships of the Royal Navy Carcass Island, one of the Falkland Islands Carcass (furniture), the body or trunk of furniture such as cabinets, or the part of a piece of furniture that holds inlays Carcass (G.I. Joe), a fictional character In the analysis of the manufacture and/or composition of a tire, the network of cords which give the tire its shape is known as a tire carcass (or, in the case of radial tires, as a radial carcass). Carcass (repairable item), In the US Navy, a retrograde Depot Level Repairable (DLR) item that is Not Ready-For-Issue (NRFI) Carcass is a historical term used in timber framing for the ... Read more