Deuce may refer to: Two Any 2 in a deck of playing cards The face of a die that has two pips A two-dollar bill or sum of two dollars In entertainment and media Card games Deuces (solitaire), a card game Deuces or Big Two, a card game Film Deuces, a fictional gang in the film South Central (1992) Music Artists Deuce (band), a UK pop band from the mid-1990s Deuce (singer), American singer/rapper Albums Deuce (Beautiful Creatures album) (2005) Deuce (Kurtis Blow album) (1981) Deuces (Charlie Daniels album) (2007) Deuce (DVD), a music DVD by Korn Deuce (Rory Gallagher album) (1971) Deuce (The D.O.C. album) Songs "Deuces" (song), a song by Chris Brown and Tyga from ... Read more