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Eduard Arkadyevich Asadov (Russian: Эдуа́рд Арка́дьевич Аса́дов, IPA: [ɪdʊˈart ɐrˈkadʲjɪvʲɪt͡ɕ ɐˈsadəf] ( listen); September 7, 1923 – April 21, 2004) was a Russian poet and writer of Armenian origin. Born in the town of Merv, Turkestan ASSR, to Armenian family. Both parents were teachers. Father (born 1898) fought Dashnaks in the Caucasus during the Civil War. After his father's death in 1929, Eduard and his mother moved to Sverdlovsk to her father Ivan Kalustovich Kurdov. At the age of 8 Eduard composed his first poem, then entered the Pioneers' Organization and, later, Komsomol. Since 1939 he resides in Miscow, studies at school No.38 and finishes it in 1941. A week after graduation party Great Patriotic War bursted out. Asadov went to the front as a volunteer. As a soldier he was a mortar pointer, then assistant to commander of Katyusha battery at North-Caucasian and 4th Ukranian Fronts. At the night of May 3-4, 1944 defending... Read more

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