Lola may refer to: People Lola (given name) Lola (pornographic actress) (born 1976), American actress Lola (singer) (born 1981), French-born singer and songwriter Lola Beltrán or Lola, la grande (1932-1996), Mexican singer Lola Yoʻldosheva or Lola (born 1985), Uzbek singer, songwriter and actress Characters in fiction Lola Lola, the infamous seductress of Heinrich Mann's novel Professor Unrat Lola Bunny, girlfriend of Bugs Bunny Lola Sonner, from Charlie and Lola Lola, in Atonement Lola, in Shark Tale Lola, in later Plaza Sésamo television series Lola, in CatDog Lola, in South Park Film and television Lola (TV series), a 2008 Greek sitcom Lola (1961 film), a film by Jacques Demy Lola (1969 film), a film starring Charles Bronson ... Read more