Lovehammers is a Chicago-based, Alternative rock band. Their sound is best described as a combination of Pop-punk, and Grunge influences. Since 1997, Lovehammers have independently released five full-length albums and EPs and one major label LP. For their self-titled major label debut (released January 24, 2006), they were known as Marty Casey & Lovehammers. They are now back to just "Lovehammers". They have also appeared live on VH1, playing acoustic versions of their songs - Trees, The Tunnel, and The Riddle. History Beginnings Lovehammers band members Marty Casey, Bobby Kourelis and his younger brother Dino Kourelis became friends in 1982 when the three were on the same Little League team in their hometown of Hickory Hills, Illinois. As young teens they formed a cover band with fellow neighborhood friends, Ben Kelly on guitar and John Murdoch as lead vocalist. They called themselves Swinging Lovehammers. After... Read more

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