Rucka Rucka Ali

Rucka Rucka Ali (born January 20, 1987) is an American rapper, radio personality, singer, comedian, and satirist most noted for his song parodies on YouTube. He has been labelled one of the most successful artists to come out of YouTube, where he has received over 100 million hits with hits such as "Ching Chang Chong" and "Justin's Beaver". He released six albums, three of which charted in the Billboard Top Comedy Albums. Musical career Most of Rucka Rucka Ali's musical content pertains to parodies containing controversial and vulgar lyrics. Some of his parodies featured DJ Not Nice, Barack Obama, Joseph Kony, as well as many other celebrities and political figures, most notably Kim Jong il. Some of his hits include "Ching Chang Chong", a parody of The Black Eyed Peas' "Boom Boom Pow" full of Asian stereotypes and "Justin's Beaver", a parody of B.o.B's "Magic" ridiculing Justin Bieber. Rucka Rucka Ali released several albums, two of which charted in the... Read more