Jole Hughes (born December 17, 1981), better known by his stage name S3RL (pronounced Serrl), is an Australian UK hardcore DJ, record producer and musician from Brisbane, Queensland. Career He is mostly known for his song "Pretty Rave Girl", which uses the melody from the song "Daddy DJ" by the French dance act Daddy DJ. S3RL is also known for his appearance on several UK hardcore compilation series, including the Bonkers series. His other works include "Little Kandi Raver", "Pika Girl", "Keep on Raving Baby", "Bass Slut", "Feel The Melody", "Stay" and "MTC". He uses Reason software by Propellerhead to produce his music. In 2011, he founded his own label, EMFA Music, through which all of his productions and remixed works are released. See also List of Brisbane people List of record producers List of turntablists Music of Brisbane References External links... Read more