Superwoman is the name given to several fictional characters published over the years by DC Comics, most of them being, like the popular Supergirl, a woman with powers similar to those of DC's highly popular Superman. The name "Superwoman" was originally copyrighted by Detective Comics in an effort to prevent competitors from using it. As was the practice, an ashcan copy was created with the title of Superwoman. The cover was a reproduction of More Fun Comics with the interior content being a reprint of the third issue. The first true appearance of Superwoman, which is usually thought to have been one of many trial runs for the future introduction of Kara Zor-El as Supergirl years later, was printed in Action Comics. Versions Lois Lane The first appearance of the name "Superwoman" in a DC comic was a story in Action Comics where Lois Lane dreams that she has gained superpowers from a blood transfusion from Superman... Read more